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BSC Mobile Warehouse Module could be an indispensable tool
to your company:

It will allow you to do Shipping, Receiving and Inventory Adjustments
Quickly and Accurately.
This will help you control your inventory and track the origin and destination of all items as required. It will improve the speed of your operations and that is reflected in higher sales/profits at the end
of your period.
You will be able to scan all GS1-128 labels. That is the standard label format for all meat/poultry processing companies in the US and Canada. The system can learn new labels as they are scanned. You can match vendor-internal item codes automatically.
If you prefer to create your own labels. We will help you to Setup, Print and Scan professional looking barcoded labels according to your specs.
The Mobile Warehouse connects to our SQL Server database using a Wi-Fi connection. This will ensure all the exchanged information is live. It requires to have the BSC Food Distribution program installed.

We provide flexible licensing and pricing options. We can modify the system to your unique needs and provide the source code if required.
We are authorized resellers for all major companies that provide Mobile Computer Equipment.
However, we recommend Motorola for their reliability.

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